Six For Sunday: Bookish Resolutions

Yay, it’s the first #sixforsunday of 2020! This has been one of my favourite prompts to do since in discovered it last year through Jemma at Fantasticbooksawtft. The prompt has been created by Steph over at A Little But a Lot blog, please go and check her out. This one is all about bookish resolutions and whilst I’m not usually one to jump on the resolution train I do have to try and keep better control on my reading.

Bringing down my TBR

From the middle of December I have been not been buying books. I have 2 or 3 pre-orders that I had already made but other than that I am focused on bringing my list of unread books down. I still would love to have a tbr cart as a more visual reminder but it’s sadly a cost that I can’t justify. I have so many books that I am desperate to read but I never find time for – that’s all going to change this year, thanks in small part to me stopping my book box subscriptions.

Balance my monthly reading list

I want to make sure that each month my tbr has an equal balance of Arc’s, traditionally published and Indie published books. I feel like I have lost touch a little with the Indie community and I want to bring that back around again. I find I tend to go from one extreme to the other and sometimes all I read are arc’s which means that my purchased books get pushed aside.

Reading journal

I have tried for the last 2 years to complete a reading journal, I start with good intentions with a bujo style but inevitably I give up after the first couple of months because I simply don’t have the time. I discovered however some great reading goal bookmarks from Jessica Jade Designs which are simple for tracking the number of reads and favourite book each month. I think they’re really clever, so I have ordered  a couple and hopefully I can stick with them!

Clear out my bookshelf

As a blogger I am so lucky and privileged to receive finished copies of books for review, sadly I don’t always love them all and some of them I know I have no intention of reading again however, they remain on my shelf because i’m a book hoarder and they may come in handy for bookstagram. We have an Oxfam bookstore in town and I need to gather the books and donate them!

Fall back in love with my Kindle

A few years ago I read resolutely on my kindle, I think that’s because I read entirely indie books and that was the cheapest way to read. I have kind of fallen out of love with my kindle though, I have a bit of damage on my screen which means that sometimes words are unreadable and I also find that my mind wanders more than with a physical book. However, I have an absolute ton of amazing reads lined up on their including some series continuations as well as Netgalley reads so I’m going to try and do better.

Finish Priory of the Orange Tree

Yup, so I failed with my goal to finish this book by the end of 2019, I think I only managed another 50 or so pages which leaves me still with around 300 to go. I have to reiterate that this is a good book, its just massive and therefore hard to read. I rarely have time to commit to such a large story too and ultimately I then start stressing about reviews I have to get to. I may have to set myself a side goal each month of reading a set number of chapters from this.

Have you set yourself any reading goals this month?

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