Six For Sunday: 2019 Favourites

I have to admit that I did debate whether or do the prompt this week as it’s only been a couple of weeks since I published my year in review but then I thought that this would be the chance to expand upon some things and revisit some thoughts or things I may have missed. I’ve also featured Lauren James’ Quiet at the end of the World in the header image as for some reason I completely forgot to add it to my top reads of 2019 stack!

Change of Blog Name

I think that this is my favourite thing that I did in 2019! Post Apocalyptic Playground will always hold a place in my heart but it was always something that I did for others. Paperbacks and Pinot is something that I did entirely for me and feel that I have 100% control now. I post when I want and about what I want and I’m reading books that are from a far wider range of genres – I have never been happier as a blogger!


At the beginning of the year I finally got a handle on Negalley and whilst I did drown myself to start with (we’ve all been there) I learnt more about how to approach publishers and what they wanted to know about me. I got to a point where I reached out to publishers and tour companies for physical arcs in the middle of 2019, with varying results, but I have been so blessed to have received many amazing reads that I perhaps would not have always gone for or been on my radar – it’s even got me back into reading more adult fiction!


Yalc was a great experience for me but more in the fact that I got to meet in person so many amazing friends that I have met online. I picked up some books and other bits but it was the connections that meant the most and that everyone was even more lovely in person than they were online. I have built up a great working relationship with an author I met there and discovered that Bex Hogan also loves Hero Quest!

Little Miss Paperbacks

Biba played such a huge part in my blogging in 2019 and will continue to do so I hope in 2020! From online unboxings with me to being selected as a brand ambassador for We Read Box, everyone we have met has embraced her 100% in the community and it has been an amazing experience for us both to do together.


Chapter Con was held in London in June of 2019, it was a conference for Indie authors, bloggers and publicists. It was a wonderful event, full of kindness and support and run by the ever inspirational Katie M John. I loved being there and got to meet some fantastic people, again I also got to meet some amazing people that I had known online for years. I was invited to speak on a panel and took part in a wonderful awards evening, where I’m happy to say I didn’t come away from empty handed!

Turning 40

In December I reached another decade on this planet, I was a complete mess about it. To take the sting out, Mr Paperbacks and I went to Edinburgh for our first child free time away in 9 years. We did lots of amazing Harry Potter themed things, experienced our first escape room, made lots of cocktails and did A LOT of walking. I’m still not entirely over moving up another bracket for the tick boxes but I’m getting there and visiting Scotland helped so much with it!

Tell me what your 2019 highlights were?



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