Six for Sunday: Books people associate with me.

This weeks #sixforsunday is all about books that people associate with me! So who is the person who knows me best? They would be the one to know surely? Yup, I asked Mr Paperbacks to name 6 books that he associates with me. Never before has a single question registered such fear and confusion on his face. But he got there, mainly because of TV and film adaptations that we’ve seen, and here’s his list, in his own words.

Those books that I got you for Christmas

That would be the Illuminae files! These are books that I have wanted to read for ages and he got me the Forbidden Planet editions which had been signed by Jay Kristoff! I read book one last week and absolutely loved it, I’m planning on reading Gemina next month and then buddy reading Obsidio in March!

The book that your cushion is from

One of my favourite ever items from a book box, I think it was the Fairyloot “talk faery to me” one, is my ACOTAR cushion cover! Featuring the quote “only you can decide what breaks you ” from A Court of Wings and Ruin. I sit with it every day and I’ve squished it so much that I might need to get a new filling for it!

The Hunger Games – because you like that fashion woman

That fashion woman being Effie Trinket, who is actually pretty much one of my favourite characters from the series. I love her turnaround and development, she is also unwittingly hilarious. He knows her only through the films though, where I forever gush over how great she is!

Game of Thrones – because you didn’t spoil it

In possibly one of the loveliest things he has said to me recently, he is forever grateful that we sat through several series of Game of Thrones (until the series overtook the books) and that I didn’t say a word about anything, even when he asked me. Honestly, sitting on the Red Wedding was so hard but then he had the double shock of both the event, and that I had managed to keep it quiet!

That book that sounded like you were listening to porn

Ahh that would be Nevernight, Gentle Friends. I picked this up for free on audio when I signed up to the publishers newsletter at YALC which was amazing as it was a series that I had wanted to start for ages. Any how, I tend to listen to audio books when I’m in the bath and he came in to ask me something, just as Mia was, well, you know. He looked at me and said nothing, until several hours later when he asked me if I was listening to porn, technically I suppose I was? If you’ve not yet read these, I can highly recommend the audio books as the narrator is amazing and the footnotes are seamlessly added in.

Harry Potter

So it would be hard for him not to associate Harry Potter with me, I have been to the studio 4 times, have various special editions and house editions and when we went to Edinburgh last month we did a themed escape room and then potion making of molecular cocktails! It a fandom that I have passed on to our daughter so he really can’t escape it!

Let me know in the comments if there are any books that you associate with me 🙂

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