Six for Sunday – Bookish Habits

Today’s #sixforsunday is all about bookish habits which got me thinking a lot about my reading and how my reading spreads outwardly from just the simple fact of a book, so here are my habits, in no particular order!

Buying Bookish Candles

I’ve actually been much better with this after I realised how many candles I had about 6 months ago, I have been going through and burning quite a few although some I can’t bring myself too, especially the Whizzpop ones that I can’t get any more. But I do have a bit of a problem when it comes to bookish candles, I just love them and especially for bookstagram, they are always so beautifully labelled and many have wonderful melts on top too. Now I’ve stopped getting book boxes I’ve started getting candle boxes instead and I love supporting some awesome small business.

Matching my bookmark to my read

This is something that I try and do as much as I can, I know it might sound silly but I just think it’s nice to have my bookmark matching in, if its fandom specific then great but I’m happy to match in with colour or general theme too. One great bookmark from Jessica Jade Designs is multi fandom and has about 20 different series represented so that’s always a great go to!

A glass of wine is always fine

So you can probably tell by the blog name and my IG feed that I do enjoy to settle down with a glass of wine whilst I read, I don’t drink every day though and rarely on a school night! I just love relaxing this way, good book, glass of wine, blanket and snacks. I couple of years ago Mr Paperbacks got me a specially made Harry Potter “Accio Wine” glass which I adore!

Netgalley nightmare

No, not Negalley themselves but that moment that every blogger or book reviewer has experienced and I never seem to learn from. It’s so easy to browse through netgalley and request the books that catch my eye, before I know it I’ve requested a ton of books and been granted more than I thought I would. Cue mass panic about how on earth I’m going to get them all read and reviewed by release day – why do I do it to myself!

Having more than one book on the go

I usually have around 3/4 books on the go at the same time, I will have a couple of physical books usually a review copy and a book from my tbr, I’ll have an ebook for me to take out and about with me and then an audio book to listen to in the car during my commute. I have found that I can manage this most of the time although after a particularly tiring day I don’t tend to take in much of the audio book, especially if i’m not keen on the narrator.

My little corner of the sofa

It’s the closest I can get to a reading nook but my little corner of the sofa is firmly my domain, I don’t tend to read in bed often so it’s where nearly all of my at home reading gets done. I have a couple of books stacked up on the arm, sticky tabs to mark out quotes I like or discussion points if i’m buddy reading, it’s also close enough to the table for me to have drinks and snacks available. I’ve just ordered the Illumicrate Darkdawn blanket and together with my bookish cushion will make it a space that will be near impossible to get out from!

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