Bookish Ramblings: January Wrap Up

Today is day 312 of January and whilst as a British citizen of the EU today is tinged with great sadness, I’m pretty happy to see the back of this month. January is full of awful anniversaries for us and with the youngest paperback sleeping worse than ever my mental health has been pretty fragile, but today is payday, we’ve booked a holiday and having something to look forward to has definitely helped! I did still manage to get a fair bit of reading done though and I’ve made a good start on my 2020 reading challenge with 7 books read, thanks to the amazing Rebecca Gibson for sending me an Arc of the new Sarah J Maas! I’ve also rounded up my .5 ratings in the list below šŸ™‚

My 5 Star Reads
My 4 Star Reads
My 3 Star Reads

I’ve been so lucky this month with books which has helped bring me some cheer, I have had some amazing looking books from Titan to review (check out tomorrow’s TBR post) I’ve won a full set of the Battle Ground books from Rachel Churcher and today I found out that I had won a signed arc of Dark Skies by Danielle L Jensen, which as it’s one from my most anticipated list was just amazing!

When I wasn’t Reading

Honestly I’ve not had much time outside of reading to do much more, my lack of blog posts this month probably attests to that more than anything. However I’m loving that Star Trek has returned to our screens, the first episode of Picard blew us away, it had such a nostalgic feel to it and I love having this character back. Gaming wise I have not been playing much but when I have it’s been Spyro Reignited, for a little more nostalgia. I’m sad to say that I just don’t think I can bring myself to finish Zelda at the moment, I only have the final boss to complete but it just seems all to complicated for my tired brain.Ā  I’ve also been back to formatting this month, which has been lovely as it’s been so long since I’ve created a book!

Looking Ahead

I’ve set my Tbr for February and I’m looking forward to being part of a blog tour for one of them, I’m also likely to do a giveaway for the Arc of Crescent City, so keep an eye out – I’m just about to pre-order the sprayed edges version from Waterstones! I’m hoping to get some more formatting done, and for one of my most anticipated reads no less! Ascent, the next in Bethany Adams’ Return of the Elves series will hopefully be coming soon! For now though I’m looking forward to getting a much needed day of sleep on Monday, I’ve taken a day off to do pretty much just that, and I may finally get that Tbr cart that I’ve been coveting for so long.

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