Tag Thursday: Valentines Book Tag

Love it or Loathe it, St Valentine’s day is here tomorrow, for us we don’t really celebrate – mainly because it’s our anniversary in March and we save our pennies for that, I can’t believe that this year we’re celebrating 18 years together!  So whether you’ll be going all out, just giving a nod to it or just naffing it off all together, I hope you’ll enjoy this book tag and also play along! I found this tag from The Awkward Book Blogger

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Standalone Book You Love

There aren’t enough standalone books out there but last year I read Sanctuary by V.V. James and was utterly blown away by it. Witches are allowed to practice in a small affluent town, where entitlement outweighs all but mob mentality. When a beloved school champion is tragically killed all the eyes of course turn to the magic in a wonderful down the rabbit hole story.

Dystopian Book You Love

I’m going for the obvious answer but it truly is the dystopian book I love best – it has to be The Hunger Games, not only is it a great story but it’s also one that got me into reading YA as an adult. You all know that I have rarely looked back since.

Book that you Love but no one else Talks About

I honestly don’t know why more people aren’t talking about Ash Princess? I know it covers all the usual bases however this book does it so so well that I honestly didn’t care. Sometimes I think we need a book to just go back to these bases of lost princess, betrayal and hidden powers to remind us why they paved the way for so many other great stories.

Favourite Book Couple

There are so so many but I’m going to narrow it down to a top 5!

Sorrow Ventaxis and Luvian Fen

Cress and Carswell Thorne

Feyre and Rysand

Manon and Dorian

Mia and Tric

Book that other People Love but you Haven’t read yet

Shamefully I have yet to read anything by V.E Schwab – I know that so many people who’s bookish opinions align with my own, rate her so highly that I really need to remedy that, the only problem being that I still have a ways to go until my unread books are cleared enough to justify buying more.

A Book with Red on the Cover

Finale by Stephanie Garber is the closest red cover I can see on my shelf (i have to admit that I’m typing this whilst ill and I don’t want to move from the sofa) I think that red was a bold choice for the end of the series given the muted colours that had been chosen previously. Whilst I sadly didn’t love the way Finale played out I still thinks its a great trilogy.

A Book with Pink on the Cover

I know it’s not a hugely popular choice, but it’s my list and I would choose The Beholder by Anna Bright,although you can’t really tell from this pic it’s more of a rose gold but lets run with it. I have the fairyloot edition which has pink sprayed edges too. I actually found this a really great story, I think it should have been pitched more as a teen read than YA but I loved all the twists and the betrayals

If you were given a box of Chocolates, Which Fictional Bae gave them to you?

Definitely Luvian Fen from the Sorrow duology by Melinda Salisbury, he totally has my heart. He is endearing, clever, creative, loyal and maybe just a little shy of humble. I totally recommend these books to everyone!


You are single on Valentines day, what TV Show do you watch, Book do you read, Film do you watch?

For TV show I would have to go with New Girl, I just love Jess so much and even though I have seen them all before they still make me laugh so hard! Film would have to be Legally Blonde, it is the most feelgood film ever and again even though I have watched it probably 20 times I still love the way the end pans out. Book would probably be Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles, it’s just such an easy and fun read and one of the few retellings that I adore.


You’re in the Bookstore when you get shot with an arrow by Cupid, what New Release will you love?

Being strict with myself to February I would have to go for The Sisters Grimm by Menna Van Praag. The story of lost sisters with elemental powers coming together to fight for their destinies, sounds pretty much like the kind of story I would instantly fall in love with!


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