Six for Sunday: Authors I Love to Follow

Continuing the love theme this weeks #sixforsunday is all about authors that I love to follow! I follow a lot of authors online whether they are traditionally published, Indie, or working to get their writing career off the ground, many of them can be a lot of fun to interact with, funny to read or inspiring with their content and I have had to narrow it down to just six for today!

Melinda Salisbury

I have to say that Melinda Salisbury’s tweets make my day, she doesn’t just tweet about her books but also wonderful vegan recipes she’s found, plastic alternatives, home made cleaning and beauty products and lots of other amazing things. She is also great at interacting with her fans on Insta, she always likes or comments when she is # on the platform which as a content creator is always a fantastic lift!

Rebecca Gibson

I have been immensely privileged to have beta read for this aspiring author and it’s honestly criminal how her books have not been picked up yet. Whilst she’s not writing books or screenplays she has an amazing Mental Health Blog, Lost Twenty Something where she is candid about her life behind the filters. An active campaigner for pay transparency within the publishing industry she has a lot to say that is well worth listening to.

Carlyle Labuschagne

Indie author Carlyle Labuschagne is one of life’s truly beautiful souls, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting her at Chapter.Con last year and she is both sincere and passionate about her life and work. Her Insta posts are all about celebrating the beauty of the world around us and reminding us that even in the darkest times there are plenty of reasons to keep going.

Jay Kristoff

Just an all round top author and bloke to follow! I love how passionate he is with his fans, he is constantly interacting with them on Twitter, celebrating their fan art and latest ink, I’m a little late to the Kristoff party having only fallen in love with the Nevernight books last year and Illuminae this year, I’m still not quite at the point where I feel like I can tag him in stuff. He’s also really funny to read, having coined “the great breaking”yet serious when the situation calls for it

Jen Williams

Author of all things dragon based, her Tweets are a great combination of books, sci-fi, D&D, and pop culture in general. She brings a brilliant dry humour to her daily interactions and is also great if you’re after a rec for a good read or watch.

Leigh Bardugo

Whilst she’s not on social media constantly, Leigh Bardugo is brilliant at using IG stories. I love how she takes fans on her travels with her, talks to us directly about exciting news that she has and generally gives us behind the scenes details about her books and TV show.


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