Five things friday!

Yes you read the title of this post right, I re-igniting the Five Things Friday posts as I feel I am losing a connection with the more chatty aspects of the blog and it’s currently just pretty much reviews at the moment. I’m going to these occasionally as I think once a week may have led to a bit of reader fatigue and crossover, but we’ll see – and it’s my second post in one day, you lucky things!

Currently Reading

At the moment I am 100 pages in to Dark Skies by Danielle L Jensen, I was so lucky to have received a signed paperback Arc from the author as part of an Instagram giveaway! This is one of my most anticipated reads for this year so to have an early copy is amazing, it’s seriously good already!

My Favourite Read This Week

So this week a lovely friend introduced me to the world of graphic novels. Yes, it’s true, I had never read one and she was so shocked that she sent me book one of her favourite series, Saga. I devoured it! It was so good and put aside all my worries that graphic novels would lack substance – the great thing is too that there are 8 more to read!

Pic of the Week

International Women’s Day was a beautiful thing to behold on Instagram, so much love to so many amazing ladies! I chose to feature a number of books by amazing women writing phenomenal characters, I hope you see some you love there too!

When I Wasn’t Reading

Shockingly I’ve been putting down my reads to watch some TV recently, we have particularly been loving Hunters on Amazon Prime, it’s a phenomenal series which is tough to watch at times but brilliantly done. I highly recommend you check it out if you’re able. We’re also loving Picard, especially with all the nostalgia, and we’ve also just started the second series of Altered Carbon!

Looking Ahead

This week I’m going to get as much reading, as many reviews written, and as many blog posts scheduled as I can, because next Friday Animal Crossing New Horizons comes out! I’m under no illusion that it will swallow up 99.9% of my time!

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