Bookish Ramblings: March Wrap up

Well what with one thing and another it’s felt like such a long month, I think back to when I read Obsidio at the beginning of March and honestly it feels like it could have been January. My reading has taken a hit for the latter part of this month and from what I see from many of you on social media, I’m not alone. Reading is my escapism from the real world, but honestly not this time. My mind has been a racing mess of anxiety about working from home, homeschooling, being able to get the essentials my family needs and being able to be there for my vulnerable mum who isn’t in the same household. This week though, things have settled into an almost routine, everything is far from perfect but I was able to at least pick up a book and get enjoyment from it. Because I have started #fivethingsfriday back up recently, this will be more of a reading roundup instead of an overall monthly wrap up of all I’ve been up to.

My 5 Star Reads
My 4 Star Reads
My 3 Star Reads


So overall it was a good reading month all things considered, I’m still not sure if I’ll keep Dark Shores as a 4* as it had the misfortune of being read to the halfway point at the height of my anxiety. I struggled with it more than I should have done and I don’t really know if it’s really fair to lay that at the feet of the book or whether I would have felt that way in any event, the characters and story were great though so I’m dithering with the fact that I felt the story lacked pace.  I loved Obsidio though and if I could give it more than 5* I would! Saga was my first ever graphic novel and again it was utterly amazing, it completely swept away all my preconceptions about graphic novels and it’s definitely a series I’ll be continuing.

Check back tomorrow to see what I’m planning on reading in April!

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