Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

Picking up again with a #fivethingsfriday – lockdown edition volume 2.  Honestly, I have never lost my shit as much as I have done this week. We are all cooped up mainly in the one room, the kids seem incapable of playing in their rooms, I get that they feel uncertain and want to be with us but when we’re both working, trying to offer educational content to their day and not letting them stay on screens it’s getting pretty tough – I’m starting to understand how it must have felt in the big brother house.

New to my Queue

So this is going to be a first in that I have bought no new books this week – save for free ones that help teach phonics. I’m expecting new releases next week but they were due to be delivered to store via Waterstones and I’ve not had the promised email about delivery rearrangements so I’m not sure when I’ll get them. But I’m hopeful that it will be ok and I’ll have a couple of new books to show you next friday!

Favourite Book This Week

This week I finished reading Ascent which is the 7th book in Bethany Adam’s Return of the Elves series, it had a bit of a different feel to the most recent books but I still loved it and it was a great change up for the characters.

When I Wasn’t Reading

When I’ve not been reading and not battling with the kids, I have been playing Animal Crossing still. In case I didn’t say previously I have named my island Starfall after the ACOTAR series and I was super chuffed to have designed my Island flag with the night court insignia. (I know the pic is super blurry but I used my phone to photograph my switch lol) I’m moving slowly with other things and I know that a lot of friends have got really far already but honestly, it’s not that kind of game – I’m just glad I have the queen that is Isabelle with me now!

Pic of the Week

So on Sunday I made the effort to tidy out my second bookcase. I have my lovely wooden one that I use for all my IG pics and then I have one in my bedroom where things just get shoved every which way they can. So I pulled it apart and sorted it all out and now I’m incredibly happy with it and it was just in time for a shelfie sunday!

Looking Ahead

Again I’m not sure what the following week will bring, hopefully a new level of patience for me and more clarity about the weeks ahead.

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