Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

You may have noticed that I didn’t post last week, honestly I was feeling pretty down and after I re-read what I had scheduled I felt that it would not have been an enjoyable read. I’ve left it to today to write this post and I’m glad I did, this week has not been 100% but I have spent a lovely morning with the children, we have played 2 hours of Just Dance together and not only did we have a ton of fun, I feel like it’s the best exercise I’ve had in ages and it’s also helping make sure I’m drinking enough water. My water to wine intake ratio hasn’t been the best I have to admit. So without further ado, here is a more cheery (hopefully) 5 things friday!

New to my Queue

It’s here!!! Finally after a lot of not knowing I finally have my hands on Chosen One’s by Veronica Roth. This was a book that I had pre-ordered to collect from my local Waterstones, which obviously couldn’t happen. It took a bit of time but Waterstone’s got in touch and kindly offered free delivery – it arrived yesterday! It’s beautiful, It has a wonderful embossed hard cover under the dust jacket and it’s been signed by the author too 🙂

Favourite Book this Week

I still have just a few pages left but I think it’s safe to say that The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern is not only my favourite book this week but maybe my favourite book this year! The writing style is perfect for me, the world is rich and the characters complex. I’m also buddy reading this book which is amazing and we’re bouncing all kinds of ideas and theories around which is loads of fun.

When I wasn’t Reading

Like everyone else at the moment we’ve been watching Tiger King on Netflix, we’ve been watching a couple of episodes each night and finished last night, it’s a difficult watch at times but I’m glad we saw it. I have also been floating around an idea of a booktube, which probably won’t amount to anything but it’s nice to be thinking creatively again. Unsurprisingly I have also been playing a lot of Animal Crossing!

Pic of the Week

Last year I manged to get one of the exclusive Fairyloot editions of Girls of Storm and Shadow which was the follow up to the amazing Girls of Paper and Fire. Unfortunately the publisher sent out some of these editions to bookshops in error and by way of apology they created a brand new dust jacket with artwork on the reverse! I have to say that I prefer the original cover but I like the direction they have taken with creating a cover that is in contrast. I think I will keep the new one on for now but it’s nice to have the option to change.

Looking Ahead

The Easter Holidays are coming to an end yet the lockdown hasn’t. I’m preparing myself for a tough week ahead whilst I go back to juggling working and childcare with my husband who is also fortunately able to work from home. I’m trying to get as much reading in as i can this weekend because I might not be feeling it next week. Sadly my copy of The Red Queen didn’t arrive so I’m going to be behind on my read and review of Looking Glass, but I’m hoping to have a review as close to release date as I can!


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