Bookish Ramblings: April Wrap up

When lockdown began in March my reading took a real hit, like so many of you I felt my creativity dip and I struggled not just with reading but also being able to articulate my thoughts into reviews. Then part way through April something magical happened, I read The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and I felt like it brought me back to life figuratively with my reading and blogging. The power of books is strong and I’m so glad to have had them to bring me comfort in what has been a very difficult month. So here is my April Wrap Up

My 5 Star Reads
My 4 Star Reads
My 3 Star Reads

It not surprising given my opener to this post that The Night Circus was a 5 Star read, Venom absolutely broke me, Beneath Black Sails was 4.5 but I’ve rounded it up to 5 for these purposes because it was a great adventure and Ascent had some very well done Polyamory rep. I didn’t make it to Looking Glass this month and I had all manner of nightmares getting hold of a copy of The Red Queen, I have an almost undamaged copy now which I’ll have to live with and I’m going to read today and hopefully start Looking Glass this weekend as I feel terrible for not being able to get a review for Titan Books out for release day.

I’ve also changed up the feel of my bookstagram part way through the month, we’ve had some lovely sunshine and natural light always makes pics feel better. I hadn’t really been enjoying my feed recently, I think because of the darker more wintery feel I had but I’m so happy with it now!

Working and homeschooling has continued to be a challenge and this week we’ve taken a very hands off approach, yes screen time for them is up 90% but we have felt sane and they have been calm. Thankfully they are not of the ages where they have important exams coming up so I think we can let a few weeks slide!

I’m feeling in a good place at the moment, in fact I even have several blog posts scheduled and ready to go, which never happens! Please check back tomorrow and see what my May reads are going to be, remember I’m always happy to buddy read or hear thoughts or recommendations, just email me at

Stay safe and look after yourselves!

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