Bookish Ramblings: WWW Wednesday

Hey everyone, I’ve seen the WWW tag around a lot but I’ve not taken part before, I think it’s because it feels to similar to the #fivethingsfriday that I often do. I’ve kind of shied away from that tag recently and honestly I’ve shied away from blogging generally because I feel like i’m not that relevant at the moment. This is something that happens to me a lot with the blog, and mental health awareness week often makes this issue rear it’s head. But for today I’m feeling upbeat, the sun is shining, I’m not at work and I’m feeling rested and recharged!

Whilst the WWW tag isn’t new, I’ve picked it up from the lovely Jemma at Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them! 

What am I currently Reading

I’m currently reading Hope Island by Tim Major, this is a gifted Arc from Titan Books. I enjoyed Major’s earlier work, Snakeskins, and already he has managed to capture that same bleak eeriness. Nina is certainly a flawed protagonist but she has already endeared herself to me and it feels like the story is already ramping up to some paranormal/psychological game.

What did I Recently Finish Reading

Earlier in the week I finished reading 2 books, firstly The Binding by Bridget Collins. I did really enjoy this book even though it wasn’t entirely what I was expecting. First of all I found it really surprising to have a male protagonist, I’m not sure why this is, but it threw me, Emmett and Lucian are amazing though! I did struggle with the POV change part way through which led to me being confused about who was speaking, but that’s just me! I also finished Looking Glass by Christina Henry, it was a novella collection and it was a real mixed bag but generally enjoyable.

What do I Think I’ll Read Next

As regular readers will know, I set myself a monthly TBR and my final pick for May is Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy. This is the last obvious retelling on my shelf, I have mixed feelings about retellings at the moment, I kind of feel I have had my fill of them. But I’ve not read a King Arthur one recently and this one is set in space so all fingers point to it being an enjoyable one!


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