Bookish Ramblings: WWW Wednesday!

Hi everyone! I feel like I have been terrible with my blogging recently, coming out of lockdown is making it very obvious how much my body has got used to be pretty much indoors all the time. I’ve been back at work and long days (even the short ones too) really take it out of me. I’ve been formatting as well in the evenings as well as doing that typical book blogger thing of signing up to more reviews than I have time for!

So for a quick post today I thought I would share with you 3 reads for WWW Wednesday.

What I’m Reading Now

I just finished Axiom’s End by Lindsay Ellis yesterday for part of an Instagram tour with Titan Books. Its a great read full of conspiracy theories, first contact and understanding of a complex alien race. I struggled with the relationship portrayal in the book especially when it came to the subject of consent (not in a sexual context) It kind of put a downer on what I felt was an otherwise intelligently written book.

What was my Last Read

The Knightmare Arcanist by Shami Stovall was another book tour read which I found to be great fun. It’s a fast paced and exciting story full of lots of YA goodness. Young people bonding with creatures named Eldrins in order to fulfil a magical destiny and battle a villainous plague – what not to love? Well there was one passage that I felt was unnecessary and was to do with peer pressure and alcohol – I think I’m just getting cantankerous in my old age though as no other reviewers seemed to pick up on it!

What am I Reading Next

After spending the larger part of July reading books for review, my next read will be one for me and tonight I’m going to start reading The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. The Night Circus has far and away been my favourite read this year so far so I’m really excited to dive into a new world created by this author.

Let me know what you WWW’s are in the comments!

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