Bookish Ramblings: July Wrap Up

Well what a month July has been! I feel like a crazy amount has happened and I suppose that is partly down to the fact that we’re starting to move into a new normal of sorts. I’ve been back out to work rather than working from home which I has led to my body rebelling as it’s been mainly sedentary for so long, tied to a laptop and a dining room table!

Like so many of you, I attended #athomeyalc last weekend and had a blast – not by any stretch a replacement but everyone’s efforts paid off to make it a fantastic alternative – i’ll do a full run down of my experiences later in the week. Also, after 2 years of repping for Geeky Clean, I finally started playing D&D this month! I’m playing with them and most of the rep team and it’s honestly so much fun, I’m feeling so much part of it and everyone has been so cool with helping me learn – and there is a lot to learn! My Character is very loosely based on Victra from Red Rising although I’m not sure what Pierce Brown would make of me turning her into an Elf!

Reading wise hasn’t been the greatest month, I don’t know if lockdown has made me more grumpy, although it’s more likely that lockdown has given me more time to explore issues and be more aware, because I’m finding problematic content standing out to me more starkly and I’m feeling confident enough to call it out in my reviews. Last month I had no 5* reviews and this month only one sneaked into the coveted spot, and I’m still wading through the beautifully written treacle that is The Starless Sea.

My 5* Reads

Saga continues to just blow me away with it’s creativity, I find myself spending so long scouring the page in awe of the amazing art work (some of it stomach churningly graphic) I just wish it was longer!

My 4* Reads

An action packed, magic filled YA read! This was one that was sadly marked down for a problematic depiction of alcohol use but other than that one passage it’s a fantastic book, you can find my review in the reviews section of the blog.

My 3.5* Reads

Yes, I’m super sad to have to put Court of Miracles here, but it had a lofty height to fall from, whilst at it’s height it was dazzling, it often felt muddled and dare I say a little anti climactic. Axiom’s End was really hard to review because the premise and the execution was mind blowing, but again I found the depiction of consent very troubling. Reviews for both are on the review tab.

I’m currently Partway through The Starless Sea as I mentioned and I’m also trying to read Priory of the Orange Tree but this time on Audio. Where I’m back out at work more I’m getting the chance to listen again during my commutes, although Samantha Shannon mentioned on Twitter yesterday about there being incest in the book which i’m not looking forward to. My kindle read is All the Stars and Teeth which I’m actually loving so fingers crossed that continues!

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