Bookish Ramblings: August Wrap Up!

I’m happy to say that August was a good reading month for me! After several months of barely getting through books and feeling disappointed with hyped reads i have to admit I was starting to wonder if it was just me, but I have had several books this month to restore my faith in reading! I think the main difference this month is because I’ve had time. Although being at home is nothing new, being at home and not having to both work and occupy the kids, is. We also went on a short break for a few days where I got several books finished. I’m making great progress on Priory of the Orange tree too, I’ve been reading on Audio book and the narrator is great, I have about 3 hours left and I’m really hoping that I’ll get it smashed in September, but that’s a post for tomorrow!

So here are my August reads!

My 5 Star Reads

This makes me smile so much, I’ve barely scraped together a single five star review over the last couple of months! I still have to get reviews up for a couple of these so check back over the next week or two to find out why I loved this so much!

My 4 Star Reads (Well 4.5 really)

This sadly missed out on a 5 star because of just how rushed the ending felt, I read this as a group read and I know many others felt the same, the book is outstanding though just be prepared for it to be over in a blink!

My 3 Star Reads

I also read Children of Time by Adrian Tchaicovsky this month but it was a 2 star read, for me it fell flat in the middle section and just couldn’t recover, because of my rating I won’t be reviewing on the blog, but I have left some thoughts on my Goodreads.

Now I have to start thinking about what I’m going to read in September, usually I have it all planned out already but I honestly have no idea other than Seven Devils at the moment, check back tomorrow to see if I finally managed to make up my mind!

Happy reading!

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