Amelia Fang Blog Tour – Review of The Trouble With Toads by Laura Ellen Anderson

When Amelia Fang’s baby brother, Vincent, accidentally enters a mysterious land – the place where all squished toads go – Amelia has to embark on a daring adventure to rescue him.
But even if Amelia and her friends do find Vincent, will they be able to find their way home? Or will they be trapped in the toad afterlife FOREVER?

Amelia Fang is a series that will always have a special place in my heart as, it was the first book series to truly capture Biba’s imagination when a well placed Waterstones display caught her eye. We’ve been through a lot with Amelia and her friends over the 7 book series and we’re going to miss not being able to read more of their adventures.

The Trouble with Toads finds Amelia baby sitting her little brother Vincent whilst her parents and Woo are suffering with Frankenflu. Unfortunately that means Amelia taking him to Grimaldi’s birthnight celebrations which starts with games and ends up with an adventure to The Pond Beyond where a daring rescue mission is on the cards!

Honestly everything about this story was joyful, the imagination in creating such a vibrant world is just as you would expect from Laura Ellen Anderson, with just the right balance of peril, adventure and humour, I also loved that we even got a little bit of time with some of my favourite recurring side characters  There are some really beautiful and touching illustrations dotted around alongside the usual quirky offerings, my heart was captured by Amelia and Grimaldi in one and I really felt that each friend was given ample page time. They all got a chance to shine here and get their own good send off, from Florence’s prancing to an unlikely selfless act from Tangine! As usual, there are strong themes of acceptance and loving people for just the way they are. I had to chuckle a lot at Amelia’s dynamic with her baby brother, as it’s something I can relate to so much through seeing how Biba is with her little brother too. The Trouble with Toads is the perfect conclusion to the series.

I may have choked up a little at the wonderful little photo memories section too, its certainly a series that we have returned to many times and will continue to do for many more!


Biba’s Review (Aged 9)

I really enjoyed this book and I’m so sad that the series has to come to an end. I loved Toad Paradise and now I wish I was a toad! I like Amelia’s brother and think that he is very much like my little brother. Some parts of the story made me feel sad, like when Vincent went missing, but some parts I loved especially with Fergus and his sister. It was a very exciting story!  I rate this book 5 Stars and send crumpets to Furgus

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