Bookish Ramblings: Stay at Home Book Tag!

Its been a long old while since I’ve done a book tag and this is one that I saw doing the rounds during the first look down.  Considering that we’re all locked down again, and I’m sat on the sofa whilst my son watches a you tube video of someone playing a mario game that he already has, it felt like as good a time as any!

Laying in Bed – A Book you Could/Have Read in a Day

Last month Titan books kindly sent me a copy of Fable by Adrienne Young to review, I had heard nothing but great things about it and honestly it lived up to all my hopes, although it spread overnight it was most definitely devoured within 24 hours!

Snacking – A Guilty Pleasure Book

I personally don’t think that any book should be a “guilty pleasure” read what you want, love reading what you want and stuff what anyone else things about it.

Netflix – A Series you Want to Start

The Bone Season is a series that I have been wanting to start for ages, I brought the HB of book one last year but it was a second hand seller and the book came is shocking condition (yes I got a refund) and it’s kind of put me off. Samantha Shannon posted a “in theory” post on twitter a couple of weeks ago to gain interest in a reprint of the the hardbacks and the Illumicrate creators liked it so I’m super excited that some pretty edition re-prints might come soon!

Deep Clean – Been on Your TBR for Ages

Empress of all Seasons for some reason just never calls out to me to be picked up, I am trying to make sure that at least one stalwart of my TBR gets read each month this year and hopefully I’ll get to this one soon. I think it’s partly because its a subscription box pick and I have such a terrible relationship with most of the surprise books, maybe this one will surprise me!

Animal Crossing – A Book you Recently Bought Because of Hype

City of Brass is a book that I see everywhere, the hardback is like gold dust and special edition sales went through the roof. I was sad not to be able to get a HB copy so settled for the PB instead. Boy was I happy that I didn’t fork out a packet for it. I actually finally finished today and I found it to be huge disappointment – I’m not a fan of authors who leave the action to the last few chapters and honestly after over 400 pages of tiny font to get to it I was not impressed.

Productivity – A Book you Learned From or had an Impact on You

Punching the Air impacted upon me so much, it’s very rare that I read poetry but this was just so powerful, I was in tears reading for most of it. If you’ve not heard about the Exonerated Five, then do yourself a favour and find out about the huge injustice of it all.

Facetime – A Book you were Gifted

What happens when your reading buddy finds out that you have never read a graphic novel? Luckily for me @shamelessmoodreader send me a copy of book one from her favourite series! I really, really enjoyed Saga and I’ve recently finished part 2, now to pick up book 3!

Self Care – What is One Thing you Have Done Recently to Look After Yourself

Honestly, not a lot.

Bonus – Name a Book Coming out Soon

If there is one book that I am totally hyped about for this year it’s Vulture by Bex Hogan. Its the conclusion to her Isles of Storms and Sorrows trilogy and after she completely destroyed me at the end of book 2, I’m finally ready to find out how it ends!

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