Viperthon – A Special April TBR!

Title image credit: Viperthon

Long time followers will know that I absolutely adore the Isles of Storm and Sorrow books by Bex Hogan, Viper and Venom are out already and the final book, Vulture, releases this month. To celebrate a special readathon has been set up!

This is the first time that I have taken part in a readathon and I was hesitant given how slow my reading has been since going back to work full time, but the wonderful thing about this readathon is that you can use one book to cover 2 prompts if you want. This makes this readathon more manageable and I really hope I can make it. I’ve also taken the plunge and joined The Storygraph as there is a group especially for it on there!

So what’s it about?

“The aim: to visit as many of the islands as you can in the month of April. Choose to visit as many of the islands as you wish over the course of the month. Once you’ve read a book to hit a prompt, you gain the items from that island. You can earn yourself a place on the new crew of the Viper dependent on how many items you collect”. 
The Prompts and the books I hope to read are:
The first Isle: The King’s Isle – A book that features royalty
The Second Isle: Fallow Isle – A story where a character has to “grow” as a person
The Third Isle: Black Isle – A book with a black cover
The Forth Isle: The Floral Isle – A character that has a floral name
The Fifth Isle: Mist Isle – A book that involves a secret/something hidden
The Sixth Isle: Rock Isle – A character has to face something challenging
The Seventh Isle: Shadow Isle – A book about fear/featuring one of your fears
The Eighth Isle: Snow Isle – A book set somewhere cold
The Ninth Isle: A book about siblings/family
The Tenth Isle: Fire Isle – A book with fire on the cover/in the title
The Eleventh Isle: Song Isle –  A book that strongly features music in some way
The Twelfth Isle: The Jewel of the West – A book that features magic
The Viper – A book with a snake on the cover
This is a lot for me to read in one month but it’s helped by the fact that Saga is a Graphic Novel and Gemina will be on Audio, my hindrance will be trying to get my copy of Crown of Talons, as Waterstones has held that as a collect from store since lockdown started!

But I’m looking forward to taking part so much, wish me luck!

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