Hi everyone and welcome to Paperbacks and Pinot!  I’m Gaynor, married, mother of 2 from the UK.  I’m a Ravenclaw, wannabe High Lady of the Night Court and wishful member of the Dregs. I began the blog 3 years ago as Post Apocalyptic Playground because at that time I felt there was a real lack of opportunity for indie authors writing, dystopian, sci-fi and fantasy in the blogging community.  I’m happy to say I see a huge wealth of blogs now championing these genres and I loved being a part of that.  I was honoured to be nominated for Best Blog at Chapter.Con London in 2017 and in the Utopia.con awards 2018. However things change, and in March 2019 I re-branded as Paperbacks and Pinot as I felt that after 3 years within these genres I wanted to broaden my reading before I became resentful of the genres I used to love. I’m still reading plenty of fantasy but this change means I no longer feel cornered by being genre specific or feel guilty for not posting enough about dystopia. I’m sorry to any page followers who are disappointed in this change but I’m hopeful that a happier me will lead to better content all round!

I read and review both independently and traditionally published books, I’m a huge gamer and I have a small Funko Pop obsession. I have also been known to enjoy the odd glass/bottle of wine.  I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan (I have been to the studio 3 times!) and I love the worlds created by Sarah J Maas.  I have been reading since I could hold a book and I was definitely the child reading under the duvet by torchlight after bed time.  I used to be a huge horror fan spending my teens reading mostly Shaun Hutson, but that moved into a love of sci-fi, fantasy and Dystopian, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and 1984 remain some of my favourite books. Ironic that now I’m in my 40’s I can’t get enough of YA…..

On the blog you will find a good mix of reviews, book tags, unboxings and monthly wrap ups. I also do a weekly themed post #sixforsunday which I hope you’ll enjoy as it lets me delve into thoughts that I wouldn’t normally think to blog about.

My current love is Bookstagram and you can follow the link blow the logo to take a look or if you don’t have the platform you can see my pics by following the Instagram menu on the side bar where my pictures will all appear.  It’s fair to say that most of my outrageous candle and bookmark collection is down to this!  By the logo you can also find links to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and I’d love to be friends on Goodreads.

Paperbacks and Pinot is also a community, a place for support for authors and bloggers. I’ve spent several years offering help and advice through groups on facebook and this blog is an open door for any author.  Because of that, you will not find reviews with fewer than 3* here – what can I say, I’m all about the love!

I am also very happy to share that I am a panellist for the BBNYA (book bloggers novel of the year award) Submissions are currently open for independent or indie small press published authors.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you find your next favourite book through one of our reviews or featured promotions!  Happy reading!

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