Review of Seared by Bethany Adams

A reluctant prince
After more than three hundred years on Earth, Prince Ralan has finally returned to Moranaia. But with his wicked brother Kien on the loose, the homecoming is a short one. A dire vision sends Ralan back to Earth to save his soulbonded from his dark brother. The problem? Ralan’s Sight grows more erratic by the moment even as danger closes in on every side.
A woman far from home
Ever since a failed alliance ruined her family, Cora has lived on Earth. Far from discontent, her days are spent running her clothing shop and helping newly arrived fae adapt to mundane life. Then a golden-eyed prince strides into her store, trouble stalking his heels. Big trouble.
A fate foretold
Ralan’s Sight might be broken, but one thing remains clear—stopping Kien will mean Ralan’s death. So how could the Gods choose now to introduce his soulbonded? As Ralan and Cora search for Kien, their relationship grows stronger. Unfortunately, so does the threat. Now Ralan must choose between his own life and the fate of all their worlds.

Just WOW! Seared is an amazing addition to the Return of the Elves series.  It is a series which has never disappointed but this was just exceptional and it is always a huge testament to the skill of an author when a series goes from strength to strength in the way this series does.  In all honesty Seared utterly blew me away and left me almost breathless at times.  There is never a dull moment and like a seers threads, there are so many avenues and possibilities across the pages.  We are introduced to some new characters with perhaps a hint of future things to come from the series as well as a healthy dose of the characters we know and love.  Of course there will always be plenty of time for more Kai!

This book however,  focuses on Ralan, who had already endeared himself as an amazing character from the previous books,  Kien is still on the loose and needs to be shut down.  Ralan has angered the goddess of sight so all he ever sees is his own painful and inevitable death. There is a level of acceptance until Cora appears on the scene. There is an immediate affinity between the two, having spent as much time on earth as each other in the past – but there is more to it and in more ways than you would think.  As has become a feature of the series, we know that each book now will be based around a soulbond, which I love! But for Ralan and Cora it is bittersweet and proves to be one of the most shocking and standout moments of the series when the depth of their connection is revealed.  I was left reeling after that scene which was so emotional and intense, I struggled to pick my jaw up off the floor. Eri continues to be just adorable, so much sight and pressure on one so young though. One of my favourite lines in the book sums her up so perfectly “When a six year old seer with the touch of the goddess tells you to go save someone you do it.” I hope that she remains such an integral part to the series in future as great things can come from her.

This book also shows the start of a more darker tone. Yes, there is still the wonderful less is more but still hand fan worthy romance, but there is no shying away from the fact that there is bad stuff going down.  The two meld so well together which adds to the pace and emotion in the words.  Kien’s threat is real and dangerous and the story isn’t tempered in that regard. It’s not often a book leaves me so speechless I struggle with writing a review but I really have with this. There are lots of twists and storylines coming together but I don’t want to say more for fear of spoilers, but the payoff in Seared is huge!

Seared is outstanding. If you have not read the series yet I recommend you do so right now!  The depth of the world building, the character development and the layers upon layers of amazing story telling make me want to give this six stars and beyond if I could but for now I give this a highly commended 5*