Unboxing of the Frost and Starlight Book and Nook box

Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas, the much anticipated and sadly a little maligned bridge novella in the ACOTAR series arrived this month.  Now I have seen a few things come from this release, which I personally adored – firstly a ton of hate, because people can’t read a blurb to understand that it is a BRIDGING NOVELLA and secondly, a ton of subscription boxes making a feature from it.  Whilst I would loved to have had the disposable income for the Illumicrate box, when I saw that Book and Nook were featuring a candle box that not only was ACOFAS based but also their anniversary box, I placed my order straight away!

Now, I’ve had bad times with anniversary boxes of late following the Fairyloot disappointment in March, but I have to say that Book and Nook did an amazing job! Six candles, a mug, a bracelet, 2 quote based bookmarks and a print represented pretty good value, especially as I got shipping paid for by using a rep code. You may remember I got their January Winter Wonderland box which had a fairly snowy themed candle look – but these candles are so colourful!

The Candles: These are all absolutely stunning, glittery wonders! They all smell amazing and my room now smells fabulous from getting them open to describe them.  Solstice Night: The theme of ACOFAS is the lead up to the solstice celebration in Velaris and this candle is fragranced with Raspberry, Myrrh and Cloves and is a beautiful lilac colour with vibrant purple glitter.  Wolf’s Den is an almost suede coloured candle with the most amazing glitter which looks brown at first sight but when you hold it into the light it shines with oranges and pinks – just amazing. Void & Hope refers to one of the more heartbreaking moments in the book and is frangranced with Winter Jasmine, Neroli and Ginger, this is a stunning light blue candle decorated with darker blue glitter.  In contrast Illyrian Traditions refers to one of the more light hearted sections and as the boys play in the snow, as does this with a cream coloured candle with a dusting of almost snow like glitter with a fragrance of Snow, Cyclamen and Trees. Court of Dreams is actually one of my favourite fragrances (which is strange is normally i’m not a fan of vanilla) but the mixture of Grapefruit and Pomelo citrus with it really cuts through the vanilla which I usually find sickly.  The candle is an off white with a mixture of black and silver glitter – it will also sit quite nicely with the Winter Court candle I got in the Winter Wonderland box.  Lastly is Rainbow of Velaris which references the artistic quarter where Feyre felt most at home and is scented with Blackberry, Sweat Peas and Night, it’s a beautiful pale blue candle with light purple glitter which gives the candle an almost swirly effect.  I was disappointed not to get the actual “frost and starlight” candle they designed but it doesn’t detract from the wonderful array I received.

The bookish bits: The main item in this box was a Rhysand and Feyre mug, it’s a simple design with a purple background – it’s really lovely and whilst I’ll never likely use it as a mug, it will make a lovely display piece. A gorgeous silver bracelet with the Night Court insignia (which is all the more amazing as I know they make all the bookish items themselves) and also 2 book marks and a print.  The quotes selected for the book marks are “To the blessed darkness from which we are born and to which we return” and “I love you more than my territory, more than my crown” and one of my favourite from the book adorns the print “You were born on the longest night of the year. You were meant to be at my side from the very beginning”


So there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed my unboxing for this Book and Nook box if you want to check out their candles and candle boxes for yourself then you can find their website here Their processing time is around 2 weeks but their soy candles are hand poured and worth the wait!