Six for Sunday: Bookish Loves

I’m going back to do a January prompt for #sixforsunday this week, the prompt for today is favourite LGBT characters but as I discussed last week, I have read far too few LGBT reads and can’t really fill the prompts – as I hadn’t discovered this until last week there are in fact over a years worth of prompts I can go back and draw from. Today I have chosen Bookish Loves!

Hidden Covers

I find it immensely satisfying to have a hardback book with a hidden cover, I love to pull back the dust jacket and admire the pretty! From the mystery covers of Stephanie Garbers Caraval Series, (although I super happy to have got the Shattered Crown card on my copy of Legendary) through to advertised covers like the ones on Circe and King of Scars, these are gorgeous extras and I’m glad that publishers are doing more of them.

Special editions

It’s pretty exciting when a special edition of a favourite read is released, I promised myself I wouldn’t get sucked in to buying multiple editions of the same books (says the girl with 3 different versions of the Philosopher’s Stone – but Harry Potter doesn’t count, ok?) but publishers have done such a great job that I just can’t say no. My 2 favourite special editions are Six of Crows, which I got as a birthday gift, and Throne of Glass, which I justified getting as it was a Black Friday deal. Wonderful extras such as new and improved maps (who doesn’t love a good map,) Ribbon bookmarks and unique chapter headers and illustrations make for a whole new reading experience.


Whilst I love the character developments and long reaching story arcs of a series, I have to admit I do miss reading stand alone stories. Whilst a regular feature of contemporary books, most sci-fi and fantasy run to often lengthy series. For me there is something really satisfying about knowing everything is going to be wrapped up by the last page, every chapter is full of information that you have to know and usually makes for a faster paced read, I proved this to myself again this week with The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James.


I do love a good misfit band who have to complete an insurmountable goal, my favourite group is, of course, The Dregs, Kaz Brekker et al in Six of Crows in possibly the most elaborate heist put to paper (in my humble opinion.) I very much enjoyed the Gilded Wolves too, there is just something thrilling about seeing how the well planned pieces come together and every character bringing their own special skills to the mix


Lets be honest, who doesn’t love a happy ever after? Characters that we have become attached to, watched grow and evolve and achieve great things, it’s only right that we would want to see them succeed and have everything they ever dreamed of at the end. This is even more important in a long series, I feel, as the attachment is much greater.


There is nothing better than loving a book and then finding someone else who loves it just as much as you do. I have found a kindred spirit in author Rebecca Gibson and we regularly fangirl over the works of Sarah J Maas! Being able to talk through thoughts on characters and the feelings that certain set pieces left you with is such an important part of the reading process and really enhances the whole experience.

Come tell me what your bookish loves are, I would love to know if you agree with any of mine!



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