Bookish Ramblings: Five Things Friday

Weekly wrap up time!

New to my Queue

From now until at least June I am on a book buying ban until I have got a grip on my tbr. I will continue to request through Netgalley, get books via my fairyloot subscription, and from the amazing people at Titan Books. Titan was top of my list for publishers that I hoped to receive arc’s from and I’m still giddily happy that they want to work with me. My first Arc for them is a movie tie in with Thanos – Death Sentence which arrived on Thursday.  I keep picking it up and admiring the lovely artwork as the author is also responsible for their graphic novels, once I’ve finished priory I’m definitely onto this one next

Favourite books this week

Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen was a book that I received via Netgalley – I was absolutely spellbound from the first page and could not put it down. Due out in May I would recommend getting your pre-orders in if you want some high seas adventure with a Roman feel. I’m not part of the blog tour so have to wait to share my review with you but it is a very well deserved 5 Stars!

When I wasn’t reading

WOW, this bit will be longer than usual but with good reason. Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amy Kaufman went up for pre-order at Goldsboro books on Tuesday, however the demand caused their site to crash so after 2 hours of this reader trying they admitted defeat and postponed pre-order sales until Wednesday. What came next will surely become legend. Goldsboro on Tuesday said they would keep people updated about when their website issues would be fixed. Actually they didn’t. They announced at 11am that pre-orders were back up and the Hunger Games well and truly began. In short, no I didn’t get a copy, I tried, my payment was processing for 40 minutes and then they were sold out. I’m not bitter, I admit I had to take a deep breath when I saw the price but I know there were A LOT of people who were upset. What was all the fuss about then – well sadly Twitter (my most hated of platforms) chose to go to war, of sorts, which I will pare down into 2 factions. The have’s and the have not’s. From the outset there was much defence of Goldsboro from those WHO HAD A COPY, yes they are a small independent store who should be supported, but lets not pretend that they haven’t profited massively from this. It was one day of hell for the staff, but honestly who hasn’t had the mother of shitty work days now and again (before you jump on me – first know my day job) and by now they are back to normal. But the worst thing was the bloggers WHO HAD A COPY bemoaning the have not’s as acting entitled and privileged as it’s only a book and to leave the staff at Goldsboro alone!  People are allowed to be angry at a situation that was badly handled and the self serving posts from those who were successful only fuelled the fires. I personally saw no abuse at all directed at Goldsboro – and I did try to find it so I knew the complaints were justified. What I did find was post after post of people moaning about moaning. So let’s just live and let live a little, I would love to have known the reactions of some if they actually didn’t have a copy secured….

Pic of the week

Going back to my first point with this one, this was the pic – combined with the 30 books on my kindle which made me realise I had to reign it in. Are there tons of books I still want – of course – but I need to give the appropriate attention to the ones that I have first.

Looking ahead

I’m diving into Priory of the Orange Tree finally tonight and I am much excited! My pre-order incentive poster arrived in the week and it’s gorgeous. Another exciting thing is that I will be revealing a new candle from Whizzpop tomorrow! Check out my IG stories tomorrow afternoon as I along with Little Miss Paperback share it with world, it’s one me and Sylv have been talking about for ages and I love that I’ll be giving you all the first look!

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